[ENGLISH] Hyptv Set Top Box – Huawei EC6108V8 – Playstore

Good day to all. Sorry for the late post on the ENGLISH version for the Playstore recovery steps for Hyptv Set Top Box – Huawei EC6108V8 – Playstore.


There are 2 methods of recovery from the recovery screen;
1) using option (2) – apply update from backup
2) using option (3) – apply update from the external storage. the file update.zip is needed.

Text guide:

1) For Hyptv Set Top Box – Huawei EC6108V8 who is having the hyptv account, please call TM (100) for the user id and password. This is nothing but for backup purpose.

2) This step is the alternative step if you failed at first attempt of using option (2). Download the update.zip file using your computer and put into a USB drive. File can be download here >> Recovery file | Alternative Download 1 | Alternative Download 2 (Box Serial Start With 2017)

3) Make sure your box is disconnected from the internet; unplug the LAN cable, switch OFF the wifi.

4) Power off the box. Make sure the power button behind the box is OFF as well. No LED/light displayed at the box.

5) Press the ‘red’ power button on the remote repetitively while powering ON the box using the power button behind the box. Keep pressing repetitively until the box come to the recovery mode.

6) Key in the code 304830 until the message ‘Correct Password….’ is displayed and the recovery menu screen loaded.

7) Choose option (2) – update from backup. If the option (2) is not working, for the next try, use option (3) – update from external storate instead. Look for the update.zip file then press OK.

8) Recovery process begin. Wait until the process completed. The box will reboot itself.

9) Once booted, please disable the auto-update. Refer here >> http://lynk.my/ofwSh

10) Then only connect your box to internet. Failure to do step (9), before (10), your box will be updated again.

11) Proceed to the box setup eg software installation etc

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    • playstore memang dah xleh guna kt box ni. install playstore pun sebab nak bg astro on the go bleh jalan je. boleh cuba tuk update

  1. not showing
    (2) Update from backup
    (3) Update from external storage
    what can i do..
    how can i backup external storage

  2. Hi my box are Huawei EC6106v5 and i follow all the step, after reboot when i choose application,
    playstore doesnt show up,

    please help

  3. Install semua sudah ok

    Tapi bila esok nak pakai balik

    Stuck dkt starting lepas terus black screen..

    Bila jd mcm ini saya buat recovery mode balik, install balik semua

    Tp bila esok hari jd masalah yg sama stuck dkt starting dan black screen

  4. Salam bang faizal.maaf bertanye Skrg sy pakai modem tm hypptv putih tu, dan da install sume yang ditunjk ajar, tetapi skrg ni ade masalah ntuk sy add on exodus melalui fusion.tvaddons.ag die kluar (could not connect to repository).

    • wsalam. box putih tu bukan modem. ia adalah set top box. untuk addon kodi, ia bukan di bawah kawalan saya. self explained error, mungkin server down atau ad pertukaran link yg mana di luar kawalan dan pengetahuan saya.

  5. bro, i follow semua step until es file explorer tapi bila nak install kodi, error your device is not compatible with this device. Ade cara tak?

  6. Hi Faizal,
    I’m from Kuantan, installing play store in my STB EC6108V8 seem so difficult. Can I send the box to u and u set up for me? Don’t mind paying for your services.

  7. Sy dah
    1.restore back up,(bjaya)
    2.saya dah tutup autoupdate (bjaya)
    3. Dah tukar ntp sbb google playstore keep loading (bjaya)
    4.nak install kodi…tp kodi kat google playstore dah upgrade..so tak compatible..
    5.so sy install es explorer..sbb nak install apk kodi
    6. Tp setakat ni.. Kodi 16.1 blum dpt install …..(sy baru jumpa apk kat blog en. Tp blum install lagi)

    soalan nya…
    1.Boleh ke sy on balik auto update?
    2.Boleh ke sy tukar ntp ke ntp asal?
    3. If hypptv sy update, kodi,es explorer sy still working ke nnti…

    Tq en..post en sangat2 membantu…

    • 1) boleh. ia akan update semula box ke firmware baharu. akan tetapi, update link untuk versi baharu tidak boleh dipadam. jika TM ada firmware update ke versi baharu yg mana mereka boleh remove semua apps selain hyptv dan iflix misalnya akan membawa masalah kepada anda nanti

      2) boleh, tiada masalah. NTP tu utk time update je. masalah sama mungkin berulang

      3) masih boleh running

  8. Alhamdulillah. With 1 try only, im succeed install playstore . But playstore unable to retrieve my google account. I ve tried signing in several times about 2 hours still could not retrieve. Any suggestion?

    • u can login? or failed login?

      if logged in, but playstore keep loading, just reboot ur box.

      if failed to login due to rh01 or can’t establish connection, please check your datetime. u may need to change the ntp server. may refer here.. http://lynk.my/LIBV

      • Thanks bro. U are absolutely briliant. Now my tm hypptv stb becomes super box . Just install es explorer n Kodi. My hypptv also runs normal.is there any spot that i share some pictures in here?

    • due to step not followed accordingly…
      1) make sure box fully off
      2) press red power button ok remote repetitively while press the power button behind the box to switch on
      3) keep pressing repetitively until recovery screen loaded…

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