Installing Android Apps to Your Android Devices

I had received comments/request/queries on my previous post. So here, am going to share with you on the step by step for installing Android apps (apk) without using the official playstore. You may check previous post here.

For this sample, I’m going to use Astro On-the-go.

Reason for this manual install is because, some apps is ‘not compatible’ with the devices.


For this case, there’s still work around.

The steps are:

1) Download required apk to a pendrive. For advance user, you may put this on NAS. That’s what I did.

2) Install ES Explorer from the PlayStore.


3) Plug-in the pendrive to you set top box.


4) Run ES Explorer apps and look for your pendrive. Normally, it is SDA1.


5) Open it. Choose which apk you want to install, and proceed.


6) Once install, you can enjoy using it.

note: You might need usb mouse/keyboard to ease the process. Below are my collections:20160327_135437



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  1. Does is still work for 2019?
    I dh download apk from aptoidr. Siap download dia tak boleh guna pass the login page. Lepas enter to login still noting. Dia just loading lama gila tapi tak keluar apa

  2. I’ve already installed astro go from aptoide. But still cannot launch the app because it say my tv box was jailbroken. What should i do?

    • Self explained message. The box rooted / jailbroken. Need to undo that or look for the app which has been tampered to bypass that.

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