CCTV – Cheap Solution

Here, I would like to share with you on the DIY home monitoring system. I can say, what I did can be considered as a cheap solution.

What am I using for this projects are:

  1. IP Camera – DLINK DSL-933L (info:
  2. Old laptop – Dell Inspiron 510m (info:

For this project, it does not involve much DIY process. What I did:

  1. Configure the IP camera to operate using wifi as well as some SMTP setting to allow mail sending in the event of motion detected.
  2. Install the bundled software on the purchase of the camera, D-ViewCam.
  3. Install the camera at the desired location and configure the software for the usage.
  4. Viola. Done. I also configure the setup to record, in case of anything.

Some screenshots:

D-ViewCam Admin / Control Interface
D-ViewCam – Recording Search
D-ViewCam Playback Control



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